Save time with fewer appointments

MDremindME helps increase patient compliance. This leads to shorter treatment times and in turn less visits to your practice. MDremindME allows for you to serve more patients which will make your practice more profitable. Your time and your patients time are valuable and MDremindME helps to make your practice as efficient as possible.



Increase compliance

Many practices have the problem of low compliance. This is a huge problem because low compliance means extended treatment times and more visits. Text reminders are the best way to increase compliance. They make sure your patient does not forget to do tasks essential to their treatment. These reminders are the perfect habit creating tool to increase compliance.



More happy, healthy and satisfied patients

As you probably know having happy, healthy and satisfied patients is a great thing to have as a practice. The reduced treatment times MDremindME provides is leads to more satisfied patients. By utilizing text reminders you will have more referrals and more happy, healthy and satisfied patients.





Set it and forget it

MDremindME takes about 10 minutes to setup and add all the reminders you want to use. After that it is fully automated and all you have to do is either give the sign up link to your patients or have them text your practice code to the MDremindME number to get the link sent to their phone. This simple signup is unique to MDremindME makes it easy for a patient to start getting useful reminders.