A simple patient compliance and retention tool.

Dropouts are costing your practice money.
Solve that with MDRemindME.

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Practice Benefits:
Patients stay connected with your practice throughout their course of care with MDRemindME. All with minimal time and effort from staff.

Reduce Dropouts

Studys show in physical therapy 20% of patients drop after 3 visits and 70% do not complete their full course of care. That represents around $150,000 in lost revenue per practice. Keep the patient engaged in their recovery with MDRemindME.

Increase Satisfaction

Our system helps you stay connected to your patient throughout their full course of care. Using study backed methods MDRemindME helps you increase compliance and create better outcomes. Leading to happy, healthier customers.

Increase Referrals

Growing your connection with your patients is easy with MDRemindME. You going the extra mile by having a comprehensive system like MDRemindME will turn your patients into fans, leading to more referrals.
Patient Benefits:
Our simple yet powerful system utilizes the ubiquitous technology of texting to remind and motivate patients to comply with their treatment. Staying engaged with their recovery.


MDRemindME requires no app download making to effortless to get started.

Creates Accountability

We create accountability by allowing patients to type back "Y" when a reminder is sent. The compliance percent is then sent to the patient weekly.


Our platform is secure and complys with HIPAA standards. Keeping the patients data secure.

Trial with us:

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